My Kids

By Terry Ann Williams-Richard

SPECIAL NOTE: I’m dedicating this poem to my fellow educators during Teacher Appreciation Week 2021. Our kids are our heart and at the core of what we do and why we do it. Keep reaching and teaching!

Choosing to reach and teach our future
I call them my kids
The young minds that cry out for
Tender hearts longing to be loved
Dimmed and dampened spirits
Struggling to shine
Curiosity too often being squelched by
those too tired to respond to the questions
Energy misdagnosed, labelled, and
medicated instead of being properly

My kids
Who crave boundaries and someone
who shows them how to follow rules
They respond to the expectations
Even those that challenge them to rise
Above the excuses and complacency that
come masked as a certain kind of education
Flooding in the majority kind as well

My kids
Whose wide eyes welcome the vision
and possibilities
When they are pushed to tap
into their creativity and personal style
Going from doubting to daring
From quitting to continuing the quest
Learning, knowing, and growing
While building character
And stacking up academic and life skills

My kids
Misunderstood and underestimated
Surviving and thriving still

Copyright 2009 It’s Still All ABout Love and Some Other STUFF

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